Lease Plus Rewards®

Rent a Single-Family Home & Earn Waypoints

Imagine life in a freshly renovated, pet friendly home with 24/7 professional maintenance service. Now, imagine life in that same home, with additional perks that help take the load off.

Waypoint’s flagship Lease Plus Rewards program is based on our belief that renting a home should be a rewarding experience. Security and stability are the hallmarks of Lease Plus Rewards, offering a two-year lease that you can renew as many times as you like, and a loyalty program that rewards you for staying with us. Your continued residency earns you points that can be used to improve life today and tomorrow.

Lease Plus Rewards - Reinventing Renting

5 Ways to Earn Points

  1. Start by filling out an initial questionnaire
  2. Pay your rent on time
  3. Maintain your home with the help of regular tune ups
  4. Renew your lease when the term is up
  5. Participate in bonus point opportunities like referring friends and family to Waypoint*

5 Ways to Use Points

  1. Get free rent in December
  2. Apply points to a partial month’s rent
  3. Get cash back
  4. Take a cruise
  5. Make home customizations such as ceiling fans and accent walls

With quality homes, long, renewable leases, and the opportunity to earn rewards for your loyalty, Waypoint’s Lease Plus Rewards® is the smarter choice.

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Qualification Requirements

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*Referral bonuses not available in Florida & Texas per state law.


Showcase Home

115 Dover Dr Unit 17
This 1 bedroom 1+ bath Des Plaines home is currently available with special leasing options.