Sacramento Real Estate Says GOODBYE to 2010

It’s been a tumultuous year for Sacramento Real Estate with declining prices, overwhelming unemployment, a catastrophic amount of Short Sales, robo signings, foreclosure halt, and rampant fraud.

I for one will be happy to see 2010 go by the wayside and have a BETTER hope for a much better 2011 in Sacramento real estate.

Even though there were certainly negative aspects surrounding the Sacramento real estate community in 2010, I feel very fortunate to have been able to help both home buyers and home sellers this year. 

Many families lost their homes either through Foreclosure or Short Sale this year but those families will have a new beginning for 2011 and start the process of renewal so that someday with good credit they too, can be counted among those new Sacramento home buyers.

I want to thank all those new Sacramento home buyers who purchased their new homes this year and began the process of making memories and becoming responsible homeowners.  It has been a pleasure to have been a part of making your dreams come true where you looked for Sacramento homes for sale on Sacramento Real Estate Neighborhoods.

Sacramento home sellers have my thanks for hiring me as your Sacramento Realtor in helping you to sell your home this year, too.  It is always a pleasure to help Sacramento home sellers to prepare their homes for sale so they shine for the Sacramento home buyer.

And for the Sacramento home buyers who I am currently working with who are waiting for Short Sale banks to reply and accept your Sacramento Short Sale offer, hang-in there…short sale banks still haven’t managed to get their acts together to make this a timely process but with a lot of patience on the Sacramento home buyers part, it will be a reality for 2011.

Sacramento Real Estate welcomes 2011 and looking forward to helping more Sacramento home sellers and Sacramento home buyers sell their homes and find just the right Sacramento home for sale.

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